What can we do for you?

We specialize in acquiring suppliers of products and services for our partners from abroad.

Three steps to start cooperation



Present your company and its needs

Contact us and provide information on your company and its subcontracting expectations, send inquiries for sample parts.

The better we understand your company, the easier and more effectively we can match a potential partner - a supplier of products or services. Our network of suppliers is made up of verified companies, which are ISO 9001 certified. We vouch for the companies we offer as a potential supplier - each of the companies that cooperate with us is thoroughly checked and before starting cooperation, we verify them through initial audits.

Step 2

Finding the right partner - contractor

On the basis of the information provided and inquiries for quotation, we check whether our Polish network of partners includes contractors who would be potentially interested in cooperation.

We estimate technical feasibility and cost. If the parts are interesting, we start the verification process and strive to achieve the best possible terms of cooperation - negotiating prices, payment terms and other important subcontracting details with the partner.


Step 3

Execution of contracts and start of cooperation

After positive verification and successful negotiation, we present the subcontractor - a potential permanent partner to you.

Our role does not end here - we remain on the "front line" - we assist in contacts with the subcontractor, verification of technical details of order fulfilment, logistics and any other issues concerning cooperation. If necessary, we can continue to work on acquiring more partners for other parts, developing cooperation with other companies and further optimizing the cost of production.

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