We are a company that connects foreign companies with Polish suppliers. At the moment, we have a dozen partners in Europe for whom we have acquired permanent partners. Our network of contacts in Poland - reliable, high-quality suppliers - counts over 50 companies.

A few words about us

We have a dozen foreign partners in our portfolio for whom we are constantly looking for suppliers of products and services made to order.

We are constantly developing our network of contacts and subcontractors, widening the possibilities of cooperation - every year new companies start cooperating with us. If you need products or services related to processing, welding and assembly of metal elements, contact us - we can find a partner for you.

  • We search for partners and connect them completely free of charge
  • We have a vast network of contacts and regular partners
  • We operate in the industrial sector in the production and processing of metal parts
  • We have permanent cooperation agreements with several dozen companies
  • We keep acquiring new partners and constantly search the market in order to optimize production costs

What distinguishes us and why should we work together?

We act as an external, free sales department. After listening to the expectations of the company - the customer, we look for a suitable partner for it, who could respond to its subcontracting needs. Then we carry out activities aimed at establishing cooperation - supporting both parties in the process of verification and qualifying the company as a subcontractor and starting cooperation. We fight for the best possible cooperation conditions and prices - giving the prospect of permanent, stable cooperation.

Marek Gawlik, CEO


We currently operate in five European countries - Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK. Soon we intend to expand our activities to other countries. Our network of potential subcontractors is made up of professional, selected companies from Poland.


Average monthly number of products delivered by our partners to their customers.

billion euros of annual turnover

is generated by the companies - customers with whom we currently cooperate

years of experience

in winning customers and negotiating cooperation contracts in European countries

Where can we start?

Contact us, present your expectations, send inquiries about interesting products and services with expected quantities and lead times. If you have a price target for a subcontractor, please also give it to us - this information can help us find the right partner faster.

First of all, we check to what extent our current partners may be interested in starting cooperation and submitting an offer, we send the partners potentially interesting, currently received inquiries - in order to check the technical feasibility of order fulfillment and price verification. If none of the companies we cooperate with can submit an offer, we search the market to find a potential business partner.

Contact us, and let's start cooperation